Today is vet day for the dogs.  I say that grimly because it is my Hell on Earth to take the dogs to the vet.  Let’s just say, one time,  Lexi actually pooped on the floor she was so nervous.  My favorite part of that story was as I was going to clean it up and a nurse ran out like she had just pooped gold and told me not to touch it and they could use it…but I digress…This morning was no different, there was tugging on the leashes, whining, panting–but no pooping (I’ll take the small victories I guess!).  On top of all of this the top-notch Oklahoma weather men who said there would be a 10% chance of rain WHILE IT WAS RAINING mis-forcasted as usual.  To make a long, pointless story short, it poured while we were dropping the dogs off but as we were walking out the vets door not a drop coming from the sky.