Ok, I’m not going to even pretend that my dogs did anything funny or interesting or entertaining last night.  They mainly laid around and irritated me.  So here’s a cute little picture of them enjoying sticks in the backyard…

We had a nice little trip to Super WalMart last night.  Do you ever have that one person on a shopping trip that ends up in every aisle you’re in and AMAZINGLY is interested in everything you’re shopping for?  Yeah, that happened last night–I’m going to call the lady Yellow Jacket because, well, she was wearing a yellow jacket.  My sweet husband was trying to pick out a box of crackers to snack on and she snuck up behind him and just stood there behind him until he moved…Luckily we got our revenge in the checkout lane.  Lo and behold who was behind us?  YELLOW JACKET!  We were in probably the slowest lane there and we took our merry sweet time unloading and paying.  Looks like she’s the one that got stung…(that was bad)

On a totally unrelated note–is it a bad thing when you have nothing to blog about and you ask your husband if we could have a baby just for material?