My brilliant ideas usually turn to crap about 5 minutes into them.  For instance, this past Saturday I thought it’d be a GREAT idea to take the dogs in the our new Jeep to see how they like it.  We had to return our movie to Redbox and then I thought since it’s “happy hour” at Sonic we could swing by there and get a drink.  We put the back seat down (another one of my BRILLIANT ideas!) so they could have more room.  Sadie was cool with it-she just sat and looked out the back window for the most part.  Fatty Patty, aka Lexi, could not balance for the life of her.  She never quite figured out that if she just sat there like a normal dog she would have been fine.  Everytime I looked back there she was straddling Sadie trying to use her as leverage.  Did I mention my dogs are not socialized?  Cause they’re NOT–at all.  We somehow missed the speaker at Sonic and when we pulled up to the window to explain the mishap and order our drinks the dogs apparently wanted something too–they would NOT stop barking at the poor girl.  Needless to say we were headed home withOUT our Sonic drinks and one po’d wife!  How can you not love them though?!

I don’t know if this is a regional (Midwest) or national commercial for 7-11but for some reason someone in the household (not me or the dogs) loves it and it is so ANNOYING!