Hiding from the fly swatter

Hiding from the fly swatter

There’s nothing quite so cathartic as the sound of a fly swatter killing flies, just ask Lexi.  For some reason she has come to associate the sound of a fly swatter with all of the beatings we gave her as a puppy(KIDDING!) Some how no less than 3,000 flies and God knows how many mosquitoes have infested our house.  Any suggestions on how to get rid of mosquitoes in the house?   There’s nothing more appetizing while fixing dinner than flies buzzing around your food.  This morning as I was getting ready there was one fly watching me get ready and another one providing a nice sound track around my head.  Although, the one buzzing around my head was using up the last bit of energy before his time was up. He died of natural causes (RIP McFly 7/24/08-7/25/08)  Well, when bugs are the highlight of your night you know it was a thriller! 

Sadie’s Compromising Positions…

I’m going to be real with you here, Sadie’s a slut.  Need proof?









Ok, so they were fighting but some of them looked a little disturbing…especially the last one. 

And since I hardly post any pics of me I’m going to post a blurry picture of Lexi and I