Look at this little guy.  He was in our backyard last night.  I noticed him hanging out on the fence and thought, hmm that’s an odd place for a leaf to be.  Well, obviously it’s not a leaf.  It’s called an Io Moth.  I wish I had a picture of his wings spread–he’s one of those that have “eyes” under his wings. I tried looking for him this morning but he obviously got sick of me poking him with a stick.  The bright yellow pretty ones are the men and the drab ugly brown ones are the females.  Another fun fact is that once the females lay their eggs they find a place to die.  (that’s from wikipedia so it’s concrete)  Poor woman, the man has all of the fun and once the woman’s work is done she’s GONE!  











On another note, I received an Apple MacBook yesterday from work.  This is all new to me.  What kind of fun can I have on this thing?  I really know nothing about Mac based systems opposed to Windows based.  I went from a five year old Dell Laptop to this.  








I mean I did do this with IPhoto…it’s pretty advanced so I don’t want you all to be too jealous…

You see it’s antiqued.  Please control your jealousy, thank you.