This man is probably one of the most hated and loved men in our house.  My husband just absolutely hates Bob Stoops.  Not only is he the coach of of OU, one of the biggest rivals to his beloved Huskers, but he is also the man of my dreams.  Saying he’s the man of my dreams is a little overdramatic but during football season he can do no wrong.  And honestly, to me, he is a good looking man.  Pretty much everyone, especially my husband, thinks I’m nuts.  I can’t help it–he fulfills all of my needs. Other than the fact that I don’t actually know him or have never even seen him in person he is PERFECT. What is ironic about life is that in general I’m attracted to older men yet I’m married to a younger man.  What does it mean when you’re attracted to men the age of your father?  Is it mental illness?  Or am I just weird?  I won’t even tell you who’s second on “THE LIST”…you’re not ready for that.  And hey, Burger King loves Jenny McCarthy and she’s getting up there in age so we’re even.


The dogs have been nothing but BORING lately…they’re both still itchy and bitter.  I’m just ready for Fall so they can stay outside as long as they want without having a heat stroke.  And the bugs–THE BUGS, I am so ready for them to be gone…