My husband hates the bottoms of my feet.  To him they are always dirty and he will never let me rub them on his face like I want to.  This morning he had the audacity to accuse me (and my dirty foot) of leaving a dirt mark in the shower. (Why this mattered I don’t know)  He actually took time out of his morning to see if it was in fact a heel mark and then he MADE me put my heel over it to see if it matched up.  I’m surprised Gil Grissom wasn’t in our bathroom taking prints and doing a mold of my heel.  Needless to say my heel did in fact line up with it and I kindly told him to suck it.  I politely leaned in to give him a kiss and when he went in for it I blew my morning breath right in his nose…Next time he should just keep his mouth shut.

I think I have the worst possible Ipod playlist on earth.  As I was jogging this morning I realized how bad it really was.  It’s sort of hard to get into a groove of running when you’re shuffling through hundreds of crappy songs to try to find one good one.  I know Pachabel’s Canon in D has a great beat but it’s not really running material.  Any suggestions on good songs to download?

I think I saw the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen Lexi and Sadie do.  I was on the phone with my mother and Burger King was playing PS2 (*SHOCKING*), Lexi was laying down and Sadie was just licking her head.  More than likely Lexi just had something tasty on her head but it still looked sweet…of course, no picture…grrrrr…