Dogs, dogs, dogs…they thought it would be really cute to wake us up at 6:20 in the morning on Saturday.  Somedays I just hate them!  Jokes on them though, we gave them Benadryl last night and they were still sleeping when I went to work. 



We went to Dallas this weekend.  It was great!  It was sort of a quick trip to blow a few hundred dollars, (Husband’s hundreds not mine)  We stayed at a great hotel, The Omni…

It had a great view of my Mecca, Taco Bueno headquarters.  Is that sacreligious to call something like that a Mecca?  I don’t care, I’m saying it anyways…You know you’re with great friends when the topic of your pee smelling like Cheerios comes up and everyone is in total agreement.  (Does anyone else think that?!)  We ended up at the Galleria, and wouldn’t you know? We walk out of there with Old Navy, Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, and Champs bags…what’s that? Yes, yes all of those stores ARE located 5 minutes from where I live.  We also ate at BJ’s…say what?  Oh yes, that is ALSO five minutes from where I live.

On a side rant here…I am never going to Bath and Body Works again.  If I happen to meander in there I’m going to wear a shirt that says, “No, I don’t want a shopping bag and NO I DON”T WANT TEN LOTIONS FOR 10$ ON TOP OF MY 5 SOAPS I HAVE”  There were literally 10 salespeople in there and everyone would ask the same questions and push the same stuff. I was unaware that people worked off of commission in that store.  And I realize that they have to make money too but be observant–if I’ve already been asked once, I don’t need to be asked again.

This morning my mascara fell in the toilet.  Luckily I had flushed.  I pulled it out wiped it off and got back to business…