My promise to myself is broken that I wouldn’t post about the Olympics.  Although I could probably offer more in-depth analysis than that Bob Costas guy I’ll just make one observation.  I am so proud of the swimmers from the US.  They are AWESOME.  However, if I have to see them pull on their swim cap, lick their goggles, or re-adjust their goggles ONE MORE TIME I may boycott them…For the love of Moses it takes them longer to get dolled up to go swimming than the actual swim takes.  Ok, I feel better GO USA…


So, there’s this spider in the house that Burger King doesn’t know is living there.  I don’t know who he thinks he is because HE (the spider) tried to fool ME playing dead on our bedroom wall.  Then I thought to myself, if he had actually died he would have fallen off the wall.  I’m not sure who he was playing dead for or if he was just in dress rehearsals.  He did, however, not trick me. He’ll have the last laugh though because he is still living currently (he won’t be after my husband reads this)and will probably end up killing me in my sleep. Don’t worry I have photographic evidence…

"Dead Spider"

"Dead Spider


Live Spider

Live Spider


A.  My husband’s a jerk B.  The spider is dead C.  He was callous enough to kill the spider while on the phone with me.  D.  The spider tricked my husband (Him:”He was already dead anyways…”  ME:  “He was PLAYING dead)

Has any animal/insect ever made you feel dumb?  I ask that because I have been tricked by two or three animals playing dead.  My favorite was when I thought a squirrel was dead on a sidewalk outside of work.  I was slowly going up to check on it because it was just sprawled out and had it’s eyes closed.  When I got up to it, it hopped up, scared the poops out of me and ran off.  So then I just looked like the weird girl who loves squirrels.  I did try to save one once but that’s a story for another time–let’s just say I ended up crying hysterically over a squirrel I barely knew.   

Oh, and we got a Wii!  Let’s see how quickly my playing privelidges get taken away due to my “potty mouth”
Any other games besides Mario Kart any good?  Let me know…THANKS!