Yesterday held a moment for me that reminded me just how incredibly awesome I am.  I had to make packets at work (which in and of itself is awesome).  Basically it’s a bunch of papers paperclipped together.  Ok, ok that’s not the point of this story.  I had forty packets to do and guess, just GUESS how many paperclips I pulled out?  That’s right folks, EXACTLY forty.  I don’t know if it was luck or if I’m that good at guesstimating the amount of paperclips I need but I’m sure you all will concur that that makes me AWESOME…


Have you ever read someone’s blog or seen a picture of someone and thought about what their voice sounds like?  And then you hear their voice and it’s not at all what you expected it to be and it changes your perspective of them???!!! Yeah that happened to me last night.  I was reading The Bloggess last night and somehow I had always imagined her voice one way.  Then I saw a video of her on YouTube from Blogher and her voice was totally not what I expected.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with her voice at all in fact she’s got a very lovely voice.  I just never would have put her voice with her blog.  Does that sound bad or weird? I don’t mean it to at all because I absolutely LOVE her website!  And just so you know people my voice sounds quite a bit like the Afflac duck if that helps paint a picture.  I told you I was weird…

Yesterday I was admiring how cute Sadie was rolling around in the backyard enjoying the sun.  Then I noticed she’d roll around, hop up, sniff the ground, then roll around again.  That’s when I had to put a stop to it…she was rolling around in cat pee or dog pee or someone’s pee or something.  I hate it when I think my dogs are being cute but they’re really just being disgusting, dirty, dogs.