Do you ever have those dreams that are just a little TOO vivid?  I had one of those last night.  Although I woke up knowing full well it wasn’t real I still thought for a second maybe it could have been.  My dream involved me giving birth to a lovely baby girl.  Apparently I had a c-setion but I was up and down the bunk beds pretty much right after the birth.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the hospital bed I was in was a bunk bed.  Pretty convenient, right?!  The best part of this was my husband actually wanted to name her Coco.  Not that I’m bashing the name but I think it’s a little to canine for my taste.  And it’s sort of lame because I KNOW that the name Coco was brought up because I had just read Dooce’s page right before bed and that’s the name of her dog.  I just remember looking at this tiny baby like, “ok, now what do I do with you.”  Yeah, I guess it was more of a nightmare…I am SO not ready for kids.

On a much funner (funner? or is it more fun??) note somehow I got lucky and scored MARIO KART!  I’m pumped!  I’m thinking I’m going to need to get myself right with God because I’m going to need his forgiveness…Mario Kart just brings out the worst in me.  I LOVE IT!  Also, Burger King bought me a PINK WII WHEEL from where he works.  It is so cute and he got to lug it around work.  There’s nothing manlier than a pink Wii wheel (does not actually contain the “Wiimote).  I thought about giving one away, any thoughts on that??

I know this is too much information but I’m sharing anyways-I have a second head growing out of the side of my neck.  Still waiting to see if it’s a goiter or just a zit…

The dogs have been soooooooooooo depressed because of all of the rain