This really isn’t a well timed story because it takes place around Easter time but it keeps floating through my head so I’m depositing it to get it out of my head! 

Picture a sweet, innocent, beautiful girl (me) and two mean, stupid boys (my brothers) on a lovely, peaceful Easter Sunday. (I’m not sure if I used enough descriptive words and parentheses)  (did I spell parantheses right??!) I was over at a neighbor’s house enjoying my new toys that I had received from the Easter Bunny.  My brothers came over to the neighbors to get me because they had planned an Easter egg hunt for me.  I should have known something was up because they had never gone out of their way to do something nice for me.  But, being the naive 10 year old I was, I ran outside gleefully to go find some eggs.  I found one (and I think in retrospect it was the only egg they had hid).  I was so excited I shook it around to see what they could have put in there for me.  Could it be candy?  Or maybe even MONEY?  I opened the egg to have two pissed off bees chasing after me.  My awesome brothers had gone out of their way to capture two bees and set me up to get stung.  I can’t really remember what I did after that, I’m sure I ran home crying and tattling about what they’d done. 

Ok, my brain feels lighter now…

Conked out:

Feeling no pain:

Have I mentioned how much I HATE my camera?  Maybe if enough people agree with me then my husband will be convinced I need a new one…