Since nothing in my life right now is that worthy of posting about I thought I’d embarrass myself some more.  I came across a picture of myself after I had had my make-up done for the trial run before my wedding.  I had this done at a pretty nice salon and by what I had heard a pretty good make-up artist.  Now I have a couple of acne scars around my chin line which apparently meant “let’s basically put a harajuku girl mask on your face.” For some reason after I had it done I had to run up to work for something and my boss took a picture of me.  (I think it was to reassure me that it didn’t look like crap when it appeared in photographs or just so he’d have something to blackmail me with)  Ok, I’m done beating around the bush…here it is in all it’s glory…

COME ON!!  I look like the freaking JOKER!  Honestly when I saw the thumbnail of this a couple of weeks ago I thought to myself, “When did I dress up like the Joker at work…”  I didn’t tan all of those months just to have it hidden away by Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder.  Needless to say I cancelled the appointment…To balance this out I’ll put a picture of me from the wedding of the make-up I DID…I should totally be a makeup artist.

Oh my dad’s so cute…unfortunately I’m in the process of inheriting his double chin.