I learned a few things tonight about what not to do when my husband is working on a house project.  Both of our electrical outlets in both bathrooms went out and he was trying to replace the plugs (or receptacles as they’re apparently called).  I’ll give you the ending to the story, it wasn’t the plugs so now we have to find an electrician.  But I digress…he asked me to come hold the flashlights for him because obviously we had to turn the electricity off.  Three things that I should never do again while he’s working so hard:

1.  Do not under any circumstances make shadow puppets on the wall as he’s trying to see screws, plugs, wires…blah blah blah. Side note-I made a killer dinosaur. 

2.  Do not start singing random songs in his ear while he’s hunched over with a wire in one hand and a screwdriver in the other.

3.  Do not use the flashlights that are casting lights on his work to perform a light show, that although impressive, are inappropriate for such an occasion.  This was about the point I got kicked out…

Oh and also, I thought he was doing something wrong and I let him know.  That was the SECOND time I got kicked out.  hehe


I swear my dogs cannot sit still for one picture.  And when they finally do their tongues are hanging out of their mouths.

You know, maybe in this one they’re just hugging and going in for a little kiss…or DANCING