Don’t be jealous…this was my awesome view on Labor Day.  I just have to emphasize to you people once more that I WORKED on Labor Day! Ok, I feel better…

This might be my favorite purchase in a long time.  And it was only a dollar!  (Technically I didn’t purchase it–I stole it–ok, ok I didn’t steal it BK’s mom bought it for me!)

It’s amazing how much my mood actually changes when I have something to express it!  Generally though my mood is this:

I took the liberty of creating my own Little Miss/Mr. Men (apparently that’s what they’re called):

Do I have too much time on my hands?  Yes, yes I do.

They probably sniffed this spot for a good five minutes.  Sadie was pretty much making out with the fence trying to smell whatever it was. 

This angle makes Sadie look really little, and it makes me appear really tall (which I SO am, compared to the dogs)