Last night we had a LARGE bug in our backyard.  I’m sure by the title you can guess what it is.  I don’t know much about slugs but I do know they’re slimy and you can kill them with salt.  (I never once thought that I would write so much about bugs–I think we need to get an exterminator out to our house ASAP!)  This slug I would say was the length of a standard Bic pen but he was a lot thicker…and don’t worry there’s pictures:

It’s sort of hard to hold a flashlight and get a great picture.  He was pretty much annoyed with me the whole time. 

He was sort of cute but when I picked him up he slimed me and it took three handwashes to clean it off my hands.  Oh, and I didn’t kill him with salt–he’s safe in the backyard until one of the dogs gets ahold of him…

I may not have killed him, but I think I inadvertently killed two people by talking about them.  Apparently I if I talk about a random celebrity they will pass away shortly after. (I think Aunt Lauren can verify both of these stories)  A couple of weeks ago when we were in Dallas I was talking about the Tallest Woman Alive

And I’m not joking the next week she had passed away. 

Then when I went to see The Dark Knight I was talking about who is going to do movie trailers when the guy who does the voice of the trailers dies…BAM

He passes on this week.  So if you’re a random celebrity and I’m talking about you–watch out.

Dog Beauty Shots: