It’s almost that time of year.   Halloween time…I’m having a really tough time deciding which costumes to humiliate the dogs in this year.  Sooo if you could help me out that would be great!  Also, should I dress them in the same costume or different?  Here are the victims:



And just between you and me, our secret, I had to pick out one’s that went all the way up to double-x due to our little chub, Lexi.  But don’t tell her…

Here are the costumes that I’m considering-if you have something better I’m totally open. These are the ones I saw at Target.  And just as a quick side-note here.  As I was debating what costume to get my dogs I was thinking about the people working in the third world countries putting these costumes together and what they think, “No, you know I don’t own a pair of shoes but I’m really glad these American’s get to dress their dogs in costumes…”


B. (I should have made the bee “b”, dangit)



Now the goal, obviously, is to make them look as ridiculous as possible.  I won’t tell you which one I’m leaning towards because I don’t want to sway your vote.  Thanks in advance for your help!