So, don’t expect anything magical today folks!  I did find two “vintage” videos of my dogs when they were puppies.  I call them vintage because they’re very pixely (real word?!) and there’s no sound.  So if you have the volume up and there’s a loud hum that’s not a soundtrack it’s just white noise. 

My husband wasn’t too fond of yesterday’s post because he says it “put him in a bad light.”  Now, it’s not my fault that I am reporting the facts 100% correctly and not being overly dramatic.  Maybe he should read my blog and learn from his mistakes.  I will report something positive that he did–he bought roses for our 1 year anniversary and they might be the prettiest blooms ever.   Need proof??  Ok!

And yes, I am the lunatic who takes pictures of my flowers at work.  Luckily no one was around.

This is how sick I am–last night I was staring at my Kleenex box and I thought it was so cute.  Of course that meant I had to take a picture of it and post it. 

Ok, and clearly this shot is a bit blurry (ok A LOT blurry) but remember–I’m sick!! Plus, it looked clear last night…