It is very good to know that I’m not the only one who spoils my dogs!  And it sounds like I don’t even win in the spoiling game!  And I guess I need to start including stories of the neighborhood cats, since a lot of you are cat people!  Well, there’s a three-legged white one, one that craps in my flower garden (well flower graveyard is more like it) and there’s one that I almost ran over. 

Last night I was thinking about this post.  I do have an even MORE embarrassing story that I’m going to tell and it’s only because I love you all dearly. 

Picture a sweet, little 5th grader, me, enjoying story time.  I’m not sure if it was story time but it was something where all the children were gathered on the floor.  I must have had Mexican food the night before or something to that effect.  We were all enjoying the story…then it happened.  Out of no where a loud, thunderous sound came out from me.  In essecence I had passed gas, cut the cheese, broke wind…however you say it–I DID IT!  Now, this is fifth grade folks–it’s a make or break time for social order!  It didn’t help that the kid sitting next to me yelled “Ewww she farted…”  I think I blacked out what happened after that.  I don’t think I ever owned up to it.  And I think the only person who knew that story before today was my husband.  It still makes my cheeks red and brings a bit of a hot flash over me.  I would ask you to share your embarrassing stories but I’m not that cruel.  (But feel free if you want to!)