For some reason my lovely friend Ginny decided to tag me to list six random facts that you may or may not know (or care) about me.  Here they go…

1.  I refuse to look at myself when I’m brushing my teeth.  I’m not sure where or why this started but I cannot look at myself directly in the mirror while brushing my teeth.  Normally I’ll just stand sideways until I’m done.

2. I didn’t get my license until I was 21 (or 22 I can’t remember).  I used to be terrified of driving and could not bring myself to get a license.  I guess it would be like being afraid of spiders or heights.  I’m over that fear but I still HATE driving and BK drives anywhere we go. 

3. I cannot stand jeans.  I wear them when I have to, otherwise it’s sweatpants.  I know, my husband’s so lucky!

4.  My mom ran over our 18 year old cat Sissy in the driveway in front of all of the children.  All of the kids were out playing, including some neighbor kids, and Sissy happened to be laying in an oil slick on the driveway.  Darkness + black cat + oil slick=dead cat.  We still give my mom a hard time and tell her she was just getting Sissy out of her misery.  She was a bit senile at the age of 18.

5.  Lettuce has a taste.  Everyone I talk to disagrees with me but I hate lettuce because it has a gross taste.  Everytime I tell someone that they say “You can’t taste lettuce.” I CAN TASTE LETTUCE!  Also, I pretty much hate any condiment out there.  My only condiment is white gravy. 

6.  When I was about 5 years old I had pneumonia so bad that I was in the hospital for about a week.  My white cell count (I think it was that) was so low that they thought I had leukemia.  Luckily I did not and I was released a couple of days later.  Funny little aside to that–I told my dad that I didn’t feel good at all and that I was hot (this was before I made it to the hospital) and he told me it “was just a little cold…”  Finally when my mom saw I had a 105 degree fever it was time to go to the hospital.

Ok, that’s all.  Not very interesting but I HAD to do it.  Ok now it’s my turn to tag people…I tag The Pioneer Woman, Dooce, and The Bloggess.  Hehehe—I’m KIDDING.  I’m not tagging anyone.  You’re welcome!

This morning was so nice!  I could actually see my breath when I first went outside!  The dogs LOVE this time of year!  Emily, here’s some pictures of the dogs for Cason!

I’ve found Lexi’s best angle!  She looks thin in this pic!