(fyi it’s A slut if you’re confused…hehe…I’m immature)

We went to Tulsa this Saturday/Sunday morning for maybe the most random day ever.  We hopped in the car with Eric and Aunt Lauren and headed up there.  We stopped to see Ginny for a few minutes and then we were on our way to the hotel.  Then we headed to the University of Tulsa football game.  That’s sort of the random part.  The men wanted to go to a college football game and since they’re only like $20 a pop we chose that game. We have about zero interest in the University of Tulsa or the opposing team.  I was dressed like it was winter and our seats were facing directly into the sun.  Needless to say I had sweat dripping down my crack before kickoff.  I’m pretty sure the “seats” were meant for stick figures because I know when I sit down I spread like peanut butter.  This dumb guy (who was late I might add) came in and said, “Excuse me ladies we have seats 8, 9, and 10”  Like we were taking his seats–we weren’t!  My sweaty crack was right on the 7!  (TMI?!)

Sometimes God is gracious enough to give you the gift of blogger fodder (am I using that word correctly???)  Let me introduce you to this guy:


He’s the overly enthusiastic, I’m going to yell stuff even if it doesn’t make sense guy.  Here’s some of his gems:

“You’re supposed to blow the whistle not swallow it!”

“I’ve heard better calls on a 1-800 line”

“I’ve heard better calls on the Jerry Lewis show” (That one we weren’t too sure what he meant exactly.  We’re thinking it was in reference to the telethon unless there’s a Jerry Lewis show that we’re unaware of)

That was pretty much the jist of the weekend.  Aunt Lauren and I did notice something about Tulsa.  It looks like their hayday was during the 70’s.  It sort of looks like Mike Brady did most building designs for Tulsa.  Have I said Tulsa enough?  Tulsa–Tulsa–TULSA!

Lexi and Sadie met their cousin yesterday. I was to worried about an attack to take pictures dangit.  A name has been bestowed upon him. I gave him (my brother not the dog) all your suggestions but he is hard headed and had his mind made up.  The pups name is (drumroll please)


Not necessarily the best name but MUCH better than Obama.  Sadie’s in love with him and Lexi pretty much is pretending he doesn’t exist.