Let’s see where do I begin??!! Last night started off so relaxing.  Aunt Lauren came over to watch the Biggest Loser and BK was busy trying to program his $300 remote that he got free from work.  If you’re sensing any bitterness then your senses are working correct–who needs a $300 REMOTE??! Ok, ok sorry for the tangent.  Well, I had gone outside to yell at the dogs and Brian locked me out.  Haha he’s hilarious and so clever.  Aunt Lauren got up to let me in and it took her a minute or two to figure out the lock situation.  So I’m in and finishing up The Biggest Loser, said goodbye to Lauren and settled in to blog stalk and tweet for the rest of the night. 

Fast Forward about an hour…

Dogs are barking AGAIN.  I go out to yell at them (and when I say yell I mean that I’m calmly and assertively <-not sure if that’s a word -> telling them to be quiet.)  Well they won’t shut up so I knock on the window to get BK to come out and help me.  For some reason they listen to HIM and NOT ME! So we get them calmed down and they’re following us inside.  Oh–funny story the door was locked.  I told him to go around, go through the garage and open the door.  I wait and wait and wait.  He comes back around, “Well SOMEBODY locked the door.”  Yeah, because I’m psychic and knew this would happen so I thought it would be fun to lock the door.  Yada, yada, yada every window and door to our house is locked.  So we sat there for a moment and me, being the brilliant one, looked at the door leading into our house from the garage and said, “Let’s take the door off the hinges–I can squeeze in and get us in.”  Visual:


That’s pretty much exactly what it looked like–including arm muscles and work boots. (Ed. note:  I would have taken an actual picture, and it did cross my mind but I think that would have been the point when my husband would have resorted to physical violence and more importantly I didn’t have access to the camera anyways…)

Ok, ok, ok…back to this GREAT awful story!  Meanwhile, BK is taking the door off the hinges and the dogs are going psychotic outside.  I go out to check on them and they’re running back and forth wildly barking.  On top of being locked out, there is a FREAKING POSSUM (Opossum) in our backyard just stuck with fear on the fence.  Well, my dogs LOVE killing small animals so they were super excited at this opportunity.  My poor neighbors had to listen to them bark incessantly for about 30 minutes while we’re prying our door open.  Don’t worry we made it in and I could tell BK wanted to blame it on me somehow but we all know it boils down to Aunt Lauren….


The night ended with me saying, “Hmmm I wonder what I’m going to write about on my blog” Only to receive an icy stare back in my direction.

But, really–what do you do in that situation?  A locksmith?  Break a window?  I’m so out of the loop…

They Love ME–They REALLY Love ME…