I’m not a mommy!  What a headline! I don’t know if anyone feels the same as I do.  Somedays in this blog land I feel like a foreigner.  I don’t know what a boppy is (Is that even still popular?) or what Baby Einstein video is popular.  Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE reading about you all and your kids lives, otherwise I wouldn’t be reading them.  But I’m curious:

How many of you are mommies?  How many not?  Are you more or less inclined to read a blog that is not written by a mommy? 

I want some honesty here people!! 

I mean I know I claim to be a mom:

But dogs only do so much…so here’s my question–

Should I get pregnant for blogs’ sake??

Ok, I’m totally kidding I would never get pregnant for entertainment reasons.  I do a lot for entertainment but I might actually regret that decision. 

In other news, I’m never allowed to touch the $300 remote again.  I was merely taking pictures of the remote to show you all

And I wanted to get a good shot of the screen that you program your favorite channels in:

Well, I touched a button and it somehow shut off the tv and changed the settings.  All I heard was, “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” “Stop breaking things around this house for your blog”

AND FINALLY…VIDEO OF THE DOGS AND FLOYD!! I had to stop it because, well, you’ll see…

Sadie got her boyfriend taken away.  Lexi’s such a hussy…