I was reminded of a story yesterday that is sort of funny.  Well, to me it’s hilarious but ALL of my stories are hilarious to me! 

A few years ago when BK and I were dating he had me go back to his childhood hometown in Nebraska for a 50 year jubilee for his church. All the people there were separated into large groups to do “get-to-know-you” games. (I use way to many quotation marks) I was in a group with BK and all of his friends and a lot of people I didn’t know.  We play the always FUN and totally comfortable “get-to-know-you” games and then it’s time for the “service.” (see unnecessary quotes–why do I do it?!)

I don’t recall what the lesson was about but we were going to say the closing prayer.  The person leading the closing prayer announced, “Let’s all grab hands and bow our heads and pray.”  Well there was a complete stranger sitting to my right so as I look over to grab the gentleman’s hand who was sitting next to me, OF COURSE this would happen to me, the guy sitting next to me didn’t have an ARM!  Now, he was a very nice man and he looked at me and said, “GRAB ON!” His wife sort of giggled and throughout the WHOLE prayer all of BK’s friends were just laughing up a storm.  Do you know who probably wasn’t laughing?  God, that’s who…

On a TOTALLY unrelated note–thank you so much for all of your feedback yesterday!  I don’t feel like such a foreigner in blogland anymore.  You all are the best. 

Can anyone tell me why opossums are so stupid?  And why they’re spelled with an “o” and not just a “p?”  That same opossum that was there the other night was back. Why can’t it just pick a different fence–maybe one that doesn’t have two raging beasts that LOVE small animals and jumping on fences.  Well I decided to totally traumatize the guy and shine a flashlight on him AND take a picture of him.  That’ll show him…

He’s SOOO bitter–I LOVE IT!

Since I called the babies beasts I’ll put a sweet picture of them up-