I was tagged by Rhea from Texas Word Tangle to list 7 Random/Weird facts about myself.  I thought I’d do five of me and 1 for each dog.  Although I don’t think I’m weird or random in ANY way my husband begs to differ.  Let the games begin!  (By the way I’m so glad you tagged me because it has been a BORING weekend!)

1. I LOVE hand puppets.  I don’t actually own any but I love playing with them.  My favorite is this type:

2. Anytime I eat Fla-Vor-Ice I cough.  This makes it really difficult because I LOVE Fla-Vor-Ice but for some reason it tickles my throat and makes me cough.  I don’t know if this goes with Otter Pops.

3.  I have never once mowed the lawn.  Having two older brothers, dad, and now a husband I haven’t ever had to do it!  Luckily I have zero interest in it so it works out great.

4.  I once licked an outdoor Arby’s table for only a handful of change.

5. I haven’t had a sip of Dr. Pepper in over 10 years.  It was my favorite drink and I could drink a 3 liter a day so that’s why it had to go.  Sometimes when BK gets it to drink I have to take sniffs of it.  I guess that’s a weird statement in and of itself.


6.Sadie likes to go to the back door-scratch at it, bark to go out.  While that’s not weird when we get up to let her out, open the door she runs the other way and we have to literally push her out the door.  (This color looks like baby poop)

7. I would say Lexi is mostly normal but she can’t hop up on the bed or couch.  (Of course she’s not allowed up there! Why do you ask?!) We have to put our hands down like a step so she can step up and strain to get up.  And for those of you who’d suggest stairs–done that and she’s apparently scared of them.

Ok, I’m not going to tag anyone but if you leave a comment and have never been tagged then consider yourself tagged!  By the way these are the first things that came to mind and when I asked my husband the only response I received was, “Ummm…” and then he proceeded to watch football.