This weekend was just one of those weekends where not much happened.  I’m not complaining AT ALL because it’s nice to occassionally veg and not do anything.

Does your husband ever make you watch the worst movies ever?  I could curse the day that On Demand Free movies came to be. (I like to randomly capitalize letters, how did I ever pass English??!) Twice this weekend–TWICE I had to watch horrible movies.  First on Saturday night it was Ghost Rider.  It was painful–I guess that’s just not my genre but I don’t get it.  Last night was the worst–MORTAL KOMBAT.  It was awful.  Like how could he spend more than five minutes watching this awful. I guess I’m the idiot who stayed in there. Luckily I was blog surfing so it worked out. It’s very rare when a video game can be translated into a movie.  So, what’s the worst movie your husband made you watch? Or vice-a-versa? Or if you’re not married what is the worst movie YOU’VE ever watched? 

Am I the only one who has trouble with Saran Wrap and foil?  For some reason it either curls up on me or won’t stay where it’s supposed to stay…

Did some decorating–using stuff I stole from my mom’s attic. 

I love those little ghosts.  I told my mom I was “Borrowing” them but I may end up “stealing” them. 

And for all of those naysayers out there who were wondering why I was searching for dog costumes this early–well I went to buy them yesterday and guess what?! SOLD OUT! I just hope Target gets another supply in.  It’s not easy getting a costume for a double-x pup. 

I once read a few years ago that a dogs intelligence is measured on a few certain things.  One specific test that you could do was throw a towel over them and see how long it took for them to get it off.  The longer it stayed on the dumber they are…let’s see here….

4 hours later…

Ok, ok it wasn’t 4 hours.  But I still had to be the one to take it off of her.  And just ignore the bra in the background–DANGIT! haha