Last night I was doing a tiny amount of internet research on vacuums.  We need a new one because ours is tiny and since the dogs basically shed small puppies nightly we need one that sucks really good. (Wow that was probably the worst sentence written in the English language.) Well, I go to Amazon to do research on one in particular–can’t remember the name–and I was reading the reviews.  One stuck out in my mind…

I really was unaware that you had to fertilize your vacuums for use.  That is a total Con–it would keep me away from buying this model.  Although the fact that it’s “cheep” might overcompensate for the fertilizer. 

On a totally unrelated note, my husband wanted me to inform you that he is not evil and that I am portraying him in a bad light on this blog.  While he is not “evil” I have not embellished any stories of him on here.  And I kind of think he’s a little evil because he STILL has not bought me a camera. 

I’m thinking I need to feed the dogs more

Yeah, they were fighting over an old tree limb.  They both wanted to chew the SAME branch.  I never said they were smart (did I?!)

They figured it out

By the way–we’re planning a trip for Florida next year.  Anyone have any suggestions???  Thanks in advance!