Ok, so I just told Aunt Lauren last night that I refused to blog about television…well here it is Wednesday morning and I’ve got nothing!  Call me a hypocrite if you will, I’ll just call myself desperate! I thought of something to write last night right before I fell asleep and we ALL know how that goes!  I need to put a pen and paper beside the bed so I can write down these gems before I fall asleep! 

You know how people talk about their guilty pleasures in television?  What happens when ALL of your programming is what is considered a guilty pleasure?  Does that mean I have no taste in television?! 

Let me give you a quick run-down:

Monday-WWE Raw; don’t get me wrong–this isn’t my first choice but thanks to my sweet HUBBY I’ve become hooked and I now know ALL of the wrestler’s names.  My mom is so proud!

Tuesday-Biggest Loser; love this show–although we spend most time making fun of the people (NOT their weight, let me repeat WE DO NOT MAKE FUN OF THEIR WEIGHT) and more than likely we make fun of them due to our low self-esteem. 

Wednesday (Oh boy this is the dangerous night)-America’s Next Top Model, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, and Project Runway.  I am not sure when I became a “Sci-fi” person.  Still hate 99% of the programming on Sci Fi but I am hooked on Ghost Hunters. 

Thursday-The Office–And I do not feel guilty watching this.  Best show on TV! 

Let’s skip to the obvious question:

What television show is your guilty pleasure?

Yesterday was one of those afternoons that I didn’t want to go back to work. The dogs didn’t want me to go back either…

That frisbee was a gift from the neighbor–they just didn’t know they were giving it to her.

The Hubby and I are heading up to Nebraska tomorrow afternoon.  Does anyone have anything fun you do in a car to keep each other entertained?  (And I mean CLEAN things not dirrrrty things-haha)