This morning I realized something.  I am crazy.  As I was having a conversation with my dogs I noticed they didn’t talk back.  See that last sentence?  That’s why I’m crazy. I can’t help it!  MY NAME IS ANGELA AND I TALK TO MY DOGS.  For some reason I think they can understand me.  But they can’t.  At least I don’t think they do.  Am I the only one that does that?  They seem to like being talked to.  It soothes their souls I think.

In other news–a fly landed on my neck in the middle of the night and then I thought I had spiders crawling all over me for the rest of the night. 

Also, I’m going to Nebraska–Grand Island, Nebraska to be exact.  I’ll save most of my talk about this for when I come back (I’m hoping we have some sort of wireless where I can at least share some sort of semblance of a post–I really didn’t need parantheses for this and now this has turned into a run-on sentence)  I just want to say that my heart and soul is as an OU fan so you’re going to see me in some Husker stuff because we’re going to a game.  The only reason I’m wearing it is so I don’t have the whole state of Nebraska running after me with pitchforks in overalls (the people are in overalls not the pitchforks) And by the way I’m kidding–not all Nebraskans have pitchforks–but they do all wear overalls. 

I’m really curious as to why I have “pearl” stud earrings on at a football game in that picture.  Interesting choice Angela, interesting choice.

Have you ever seen a crocodile death roll?  Here’s Lexi’s version of it:

She never can quite get all the way over on her other side.  But she tries with all her might!

A couple of you suggested The Furminator when I was asking about vacuums.  We actually have one and I think I’d been using it wrong (I know, how is that possible?!) I used it last night on Sadie and I think she may have accidentally given birth to a puppy because that’s how much fur came off. 

Finally, what are some blogs that ya’ll love but I may not necessarily be reading?  I would LOVE to know!  Thanks and if you made it to here I appreciate you sticking with me through this rambling mess…