Man oh man, I love vacations but there’s nothing better than getting home.  I feel so out of the loop when I go on vacation and I don’t have a laptop attached to my hip like I normally do.  Thank you all for the comments–it was a GREAT vacation and very relaxing. I have to say this real quick–I have the BEST in-laws in the world.  I hate even calling them in-laws because they just feel like family.  And my MIL and SIL even reads it (HIIII!)  I think I broke out in a rash due to wearing Husker gear.  I’ll make up for it this week and wear OU underwear all week.  THE SAME PAIR.  I kid, I kid–I don’t own OU underwear.  But I still may wear the same pair all week.

If anyone didn’t catch the score it 52-17 Missouri.  Boy, it was a depressing night.  The hubby and I left near the end of the 3rd quarter.  I’m just going to say it–I do not care for Chase Daniel the Mizzou quarterback.  I’m sorry if you’re his mother or his girlfriend or (if one exists) a fan of his.  He eats his boogers and he’s a jerk.  Phew I feel better…

Ok, enough football–I am a girl for heaven’s sake!

So, I ate.  A. Lot. 


It’s the love of my life…

No, not him…


Meet the crisp meat burrito from Amigos.  Notice they say “meat” burrito and not “beef” or “steak” burrito.  I don’t care if it’s made up of ground up dogs (GASP) I love it.  I might give up my first born for one.  That’s probably one of the reason’s I don’t have kids yet.  Apparently it’s looked down upon to trade kids for food. 

Also, hubby’s grandma bought me this coat:

I LOVE IT!  And I look amazing in it–haha. 

On the dog front, they’ve been sleeping ever since we got home.  They got to play with their cousin Floyd all weekend.  Floyd was trying to get extra friendly with Sadie most of the weekend. Lexi kept getting picked and bullied–it’s about time another dog teaches her a lesson!  But I’m not going to lie, I’m enjoying the peace and dog quiet.