Just to make my day start off on the right foot my car decided it didn’t want to start.  Granted I just spent around $1200 a couple of months ago to get it repaired.  I’m guessing those talented mechanics screwed me over royally!  Actually I think my dad made them mad and they just messed my car up even more.  I’m so FRUSTRATED!  I’m still paying off the first mechanics bill now I’m going to probably have an even larger one on my hands here!  Woe is me…I guess I have my health…and my dogs.


Speaking of those dogs, yesterday when I got back to work after lunch I received a series of 3 emails from my husband:

So I was at home for lunch and went out to get some more iced tea out of the kitchen only to hear the sound of somebody (I won’t mention names) lopping up my soup out of the bowl on the coffee table.


I’m not saying it was the brown one but considering she was licking her lips, standing by my bowl and had soup dripping from her mouth onto the table, I am just guessing it was her.


I forgot to mention she was the only one of the two dogs that had a piece of carrot on her nose…

I don’t know why I thought it was funny but it was!  And everytime I re-read it, it makes me laugh…I guess you just have to know Sadie.

Now let’s examine the difference between Floyd taking pics and my dogs taking pics:




They really know how to ruin every Kodak moment.