I have this problem.  Ever since I’ve been married and had to share a bed with someone my body has turned into a contortionists body.  The only difference is, is I’m not a contortionist and my body should NOT be in some of these postitions.  I don’t know what it is about sharing a bed that makes my body go all wacky.  When I had the bed to myself I would sleep on my stomach on the very edge of the bed.  Now all of the sudden that I HAVE to share a bed it’s like my body has a sensor of how to annoy the person I’m sleeping with.  (That person is my husband by the way)

I have taken the liberty to illustrate a couple of my sleeping positions with the help of Paint!  (YOU ARE WELCOME!)

Let me introduce you to “The Four”:

Just for reference just because my stick figure is naked and hairless does not me I sleep nude or have no hair.  I just wanted to clear that up.

“The Four” is generally the one that I wake up to the most.  Although it is comfortable my husband doesn’t appreciate being kneed (real word?)  throughout the night.

Next up–“The Frog with Crossed Arms”

This one is more rare although it does happen.  I think it happens when I’m having a dream about my husband buying ice cream sandwiches instead of popsicles. 

This is the one I woke up in last night “The Pretzel”:

It looks a little freaky but the only thing freaky about it is the fact that my shoulders are aching the next morning when I sleep like this.

This one is titled “I Don’t Know”:

This one’s hard to see but basically my left leg is propped up on my right leg.  It sort of creates a tent like effect on our covers.  I think I need to just take sleeping pills–I don’t feel like I’m getting my REM cycle in…

And just for kicks–a dog picture: