Today is my 100th post–woo hoo!  I would love to bore you with 100 things about me, but I won’t.  Unlike a lot of people I don’t have 100 things to say about myself unless you want to hear that I have brown hair and hazel eyes and that I occasionally will get a wedgie.  That’s the kind of things that you would get if I made a list that long.  INSTEAD I’m going to complain about my day yesterday–haha–WHAT A TREAT for you all!

It really wasn’t so much that my whole day was bad–we’ll just narrow it down to the lunch hour.  So, I normally go to my parent’s house for lunch because it’s closer to where I work and that way I can have a longer lunch hour.  Anywho, I have no car and my mom (who actually works at the same place I do) usually picks me up when I need a ride.  Well, she was selfish yesterday and had a doctor’s appointment so I had to walk.  Which it isn’t a bad walk, normally…I was in my 3 inch heels.  So that was the start of it.  Then as I’m walking up to their house I realize that my key was on the key chain at the mechanics.  (Don’t get me started on not leaving your house key on a key chain–I know I know I just forgot!) Normally it’s a piece of cake to break into my parent’s house–I used to do it all of the time as a kid (I’ll give you the address later!) Not today–they had some sort of force field set up where I couldn’t penetrate anywhere! So I had to get a hold of my brother to figure out how to penetrate the force field (Oh lordyI hope I don’t get web hits off that phrase!).  He gave me the secret so I was in.  Well, I was stuck with puppy Floyd and Old Lady Lily (she’s a wiener dog).  This in and of itself is just adding a ton of joy to my day–keeping Floyd from breaking Lily’s back…Then I got a call.

The mechanics called my husband and said that the TOTAL to fix my car is going to be $2800.  That’s about the moment I about had to change my pants.  $2800?!!!  Needless to say I won’t be getting that camera I’d been hoping for.  And a direct quote from my hubby, “Yeah, the funny thing is, is I was going to go out and get you a camera but not anymore…”  Oh well, at least I’ll have my car…

So, in honor of yesterday’s horrible day and the fact that it’s my 100th post I’m giving away my car bill!  Whoever wants to pay it just leave me a comment with your credit card information and you will be the automatic winner.  Ok, don’t do that.  I’m too bitter and broke to do a giveaway…Maybe next week.

Last night I thought about in celebration giving away one of my dogs.  After the incessant barking my husband wasn’t TOO opposed to it!