Let me tell you about this great website called The Secret’s in the Sauce. 


They have revolutionized my blogging life and I’m sure so many others.  I have been apart of this group of great gals for a month or two and I have loved every second of it!  If you’re having low blog-esteem and feel like no one’s reading your blog join this group and it’ll change your life!  It’s hard to pick just five blogs I’ve found through SITS but I did it.  I’ve met way more than five people through this site so if I didn’t include you I’ll probably cave and add more than five by the end of the day.  I highly recommend visiting ALL of the blogs (I still have a long way to go with that!) because each one is different. 

She’s Lump (She’s so fun and makes me laugh pretty much daily and she’s got two cute dogs! Plus BOOMER SOONER!)

Rhea (She’s GREAT!  She makes me laugh, has great pictures and challenges my brain with her mystery photos!)

Ashley.Unscripted (She’s so funny!  Plus I feel like we have pretty much the same outlook on life.)

Melody-Pennies in My Pocket (Hello?! Deals and Meals??  What more could you ask for!  Plus she’s so sweet!)

Nikki (Oh this is a good one!  She has the cutest pups, she cracks me up and she has great pictures!)

I’m sure this list will grow as the day goes on…If ANYONE is new to the site and has any questions let me know!  Or if you’ve read a while and had a random question–just do it!


The vacuum picture of the hubby was commented on a lot.  I want to reassure each and every one of you that that is a RARE occurrence.  That’s why I had to take a picture of it.  To document it for myself.

I’ll post more once I have more time today…but FOR REAL!  CHECK OUT SITS!  It will change your life!

UPDATE: I can’t have a blog post without pics of my dogs…it’s just sacreligious…