I do something behind closed doors in my own house that I’m not ashamed to do.  I used to do it in public in front of people but now I do it by myself.  Any guesses?

Some of you might be thinking stripping–I mean that’s the first thing I thought of while re-reading my description and generally that’s my first response to anything.  But alas I have never taken my clothes off for people–not even my husband, the poor guy.  The correct response is:


Back in high school I “hated” Britney Spears–she was my antithesis.  Granted that really meant I loved her and tried to imitate her as much as possible without people realizing it.  And *NSYNC I just loved them and wanted to be the girlfriend to every one of them.  Even Lance, he wouldn’t have loved me back though.  My friend Ginny and I would scrutinize over their videos and memorize the dances.  Ginny was a fellow “hater” although she might have actually hated her at one point because she stole her man–Justin!  We were good–I think Oops I Did It Again was our best performance EVER.  We were asked a lot in college to perform the dance.  We even got extra credit in Biology II for doing the dance in front of the whole class.  We had no shame.

Nowadays I keep my dancing confined to my own house.  Just yesterday I was on the treadmill and Britney came on the IPOD and I just had to break out in dance. Yes, I know I’m talented and can walk and dance at the same time on a treadmill. I wonder if there’s a video floating around there of me dancing…I’ll see what I can do.

Speaking of sad and pathetic:


Yeah, she’ll just sit there like that until someone helps her up onto the bed. 

By the way–Yesterday was AWESOME!  Thanks to all of the new people who came over and commented!