So, I made a new page up top there.  The Blogroll.  I wanted to include everyone who has commented on my blog at one point or another.  If you want to be included or taken off or if I just flat messed up your name you want displayed let me know.  I love feedback–I FEED off of feedback.  Lame joke, I apologize.

I won a prize a couple of weeks ago from Lacy of Razor Family Farms.  It’s Simply Neutral cleaning products. 

That’s what has taken me so long to talk about it–in order to use my prize I have to clean!  And I’m sure you all are like me and avoid it at all costs.  It works great though and it is very natural smelling so I’m not coughing or wheezy after I’m done cleaning.  Although, I have to say it does not make cleaning any more fun!  Thanks Lacy–I love it!

Other than that it’s been a typical weekend:

(I wonder where I got the nickname nubby?!)