I always curse the days and weekends when not much is going on.  And to make it worse I posted last night which I should have just saved for today but I was antsy so I just wrote last night. And it’s not like that post was all that great!  I try not to get on the computer too much over the weekend.  But if I don’t then I’m feeling like I am missing out.  It’s quiet the conundrum.  (I just ran spell check–I get so excited when I actually spell words like conundrum right!)

Last night I was looking at CNN and MSNBC’s websites.  I thought I was having deja vu but alas I was not….

Does something look similar in each frame?  Yeah, they used the same stock photo.  Do you think when stuff like this happens that it feels like when two women show up to the same event in the same dress?  I bet it does, I bet it feels just like that.

So I can’t go on without talking about my foot.  My poor left foot.  It had a bad day Saturday.  I was cleaning and I dropped the huge bottle of cleaning spray (the stuff from yesterday’s post) and to prevent it from falling to the floor and possibly breaking the bottle I “caught” it with my foot.  It felt like it was broken but don’t worry I can walk on it.  THEN to top that–sweet, little Lexi was in the backyard barking so I ran out to get her.  As I was running back in with her my foot happened to connect with a shard of a broken toy.  And it was stuck in there.  I had to stand there and pull this shard of a toy out of my foot.  My foot has a magnet for sharp things.  When I was younger I stepped on needles all the time. (Sewing needles, not syringes–my parent’s weren’t nurses or drug users.  But my mom didn’t really sew either so I don’t know where they came from) The worst was one got stuck in my heel and I had to lay down and my parents had to get plyers to pull it out…ok, have to stop talking about it.  My feet are curling just talking about it…

I know you don’t want it, but you’re getting it–PhoDOGraphy!