The title really has nothing to do with anything.  Well, it has to do with SOMETHING but nothing that I’m going to blog about. 

First, I would like to point out that I did in fact spell conundrum right but I apparently put quiet where I meant to put quite. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.  I apologize for that–but that’s not going to be the last time that happens.  And you’ll probably see affect where effect is supposed to be and too where two is supposed to be and their where there or they’re is supposed to be.  Unfortunately I majored in marketing not English!  Although, if you ask my husband he’ll tell you how much I love to correct his grammar.  Keep correcting me though–it keeps me human.

I saw this hilarious Sonic commercial at church on Sunday.  (We were having a sermon on media affecting morals.  My church is *NOT* sponsored by Sonic.  Although that would be cool, but probably wrong in some way.) I think I missed the point–I don’t see anything morally wrong with it–in fact I think it’s hilarious and it makes me WANT to go buy Sonic.  Route 44 Cherry Limeade please…

What’s your favorite Sonic drink?

I kept thinking about it yesterday and giggling.  Mainly because I’m sure it’s what my husband is thinking but he’s too kind to say it.  Only instead of him saying “It’s just visible in the sun” he would say “You can only see it in dim lighting, candle light, and pretty much in pitch black. But it’s cute–it adds character.”

Last night I had to throw 3 pumpkin displays I had outside.  They were really cute–the pumpkin was hollowed out and then you put a mum inside of it. I guess you’re supposed to actually water the mums and eventually take them out of the rotting pumpkins.  The mums were basically like straw and  well, let’s just say I picked a pumpkin up to throw away and the bottom had turned into pumpkin butter.  Who knew pumpkins could liquefy on their own! 

Sorry, this post is lame-o…maybe some dog pictures can salvage it.

Nope!  They were pretty lame-o themselves! Have a great Tuesday!