Everytime Sadie has a seizure I’m going to try to think of a creative way to fit it into the title.  Yes, that does mean she did have another one yesterday.  I get a “frantic”–frantic to my husband is actually asking me to come home as opposed to taking care of it by himself–call from my husband at lunch time telling me precious little Sadie was having a REALLY bad seizure.  So, I rush home so we can take her to the vet.  I get home and go through the back door because she’s apparently blocking the door through the garage.  Well as I walk through our gate there comes Sadie running up to me.  It’s amazing to me how quickly they’re out of it and then come back to.  We rush her to the vet just so he can take a look at her. 

On the way to the vet

On the way to the vet

Poor vet, he rushed back from lunch to see her because one of his nurses had told him that a seizure dog was coming in and he thought it was a BIG one.  He blabs for a little while and takes a look at her.  Diagnoses her with epilepsy and suggests that she gets on phenobarbital.  (Which a few of you suggested the other day!)  He writes out a prescription and suggests a pharmacy where I go because APPARENTLY some pharmacists think it’s a little fishy when someone comes in for an addictive drug and it’s prescribed to their dog!  The vet explains how this stuff is addictive and how we should not take it.  All I’m picturing is the husband and I walking in and seeing Sadie trying to get to the pills to get her “fix.” 

And we were laughing (I laugh at everything apparently) because her prescription bottle said Sadie Dog (last name).   Can you guess who was jealous of all the attention Sadie was getting?  Yes, Lexi…

Ok, enough dog talk…

I’m a little scared, this was in my “search terms”: my husband chained me the whole day. If you searched that and need help please let me know!  I have ZERO idea how that came to my site–my husband has never chained me to anything at least without me asking him to! Kidding!

Why do I torture myself and go into Target?  Especially when Christmas stuff is slowly trickling out.  And why oh why do I feel the need to want to buy everything that is red and green that has a snowman or Santa on it?  Target has ahold of my heart and it’s not letting go…here’s the link to their Christmas stuff if you’re interested.

Lastly but not Leastly, Dr. Wifey gave me an award!  Dr. Wifey is a great blog–she’s funny and charming and she looks great in a little black dress! (She may be regretting giving me this after this boring post!)

The rules are that you’re supposed to pick five people and then link back to the Scholastic Scribe blog about it and Mr. Linky your blog and then link to five other people.  I can’t pick five people so if you’d like to participate or if any part of your name has a vowel then grab this award and run with it!

Another winner today folks!