God humbles people in so many ways.  In my case anytime I’m feeling good about myself he makes me make a total and complete fool out of myself.  Luckily in most cases it’s just in front of me, myself, and I or occasionally my husband.  I do dumb stuff all of the time–like A LOT.  I like to blame it on bad depth perception but my husband thinks differently.  A couple of things come to mind when thinking of dumb things I’ve done (I know you’re thinking–a couple?!  I know I’ve read at least 10 dumb things you’ve done!):

  • On numerous occassions I have been at a vending machine and bent down to get my snack out of the bottom and I hit my head on the glass part of the vending machine.  The amazing thing is, I have done this more than once.  I just DON’T LEARN!
  • On my way to meet my now husband for a date I was walking through the parking lot and glanced for maybe a milli-second to one side and as I turned back I ran smack dab into the side of a truck.
  • And last night might have been the kicker.  I’m pretty sure my husband was questioning marrying me at the moment he turned and saw what I had done.  You see, I was vacuuming the couches to get the dog hair off because his dad is coming to our house this weekend.  I was leaning over to do something and I got a little close to the hose with the attachment.  My husband looked over only to see his wife, with her hair caught in the attachment.  And it HURT!  I thought I was going to have a huge bald spot from hair being ripped out.  He didn’t even feel sorry for me–he just shook his head and kept saying, “Oh MY gosh…” Am I the only one that’s done that?!! Please tell me I’m not!

I went to Target again last night–I had to.  I bought this cute advent calendar.  Even the cashier (who was a teenage boy) thought it was neat!  Granted he had no idea what an advent calendar was but he still liked it.

Sadie is doing very well!  Thanks for all of your kind words…I let her read them last night and her heart was touched.  Lexi is still bitter that no one cares about her but she can talk it out with her therapist.  I did catch these two in the middle of something yesterday that you may find revolting.

It starts off sweet and innocent:

Then it gets out of hand:

Geez, get a room!