I was tagged by Jennie (by the way everytime I go to her blog I want to sing “Jitterbug snap snap snap Jitterbug)  to do the 7 things about me.  Well, you all have heard about 21 random things about me.  I’m not complaining though–I am always tagged on the right days when I have zero to talk about.  So I’m just going to ramble off a list of 7 things.  Just the first seven things that pop into my head.  (Do you like how I interchangeably use the number 7 and the word seven?!) Ok, here it goes:

1.  I am avoiding going to the eye doctor.  It’s really gotten to the point where I desperately need to go but I hate being judged–and the condition my contacts are in I WILL be judged.

2. In 9th grade I smashed my left index finger with a weight.  I was helping this girl get a 50 or 75 pound weight off of the leg press and she was smart and let go of it.  I on the other hand thought I could handle that weight and the weight just slammed my finger between it and another weight.  I have two favorite quotes from that day.  I went up to my teacher (when my finger was CLEARLY broken) and said, “I think I hurt my finger.” I think it had cut off my nerves where it didn’t hurt.  My other fave was my doctor saying, “I don’t THINK we’re going to have to amputate the tip.” What the heck?  Since when was amputation even an option?!  It still is deformed to this day. 

3.  My dogs annoyed me this morning.  I wish they could just sleep past like 5:30 for ONCE in their lives.

Lexi’s tail will NEVER go down–so any shot of her from behind you’re going to see something inappropriate.  I’m sorry–that’s just the way she is–inappropriate!

This is Sadie sniffing my pants.  Anytime I come home it’s like I’ve got a large brown tumor on my leg because she won’t leave me alone. 

4. I drove by a gas station this morning and it was $2.09.  If I see gas for $1.99 or lower I’m taking a picture.  Oklahoma is good for something–cheap gas. 

5.  When I was maybe a freshman in high school I challenged a guy to an eating contest.  We each ordered a large pizza and the first one to finish it (I didn’t know that was part of the stipulation at the time, I thought it was just who ate more) would win.  Well, he BARELY beat me by like half a slice.  I had totally burned the top of my mouth and to be honest within 30 minutes I was hungry again.  Well, I found out when we were both seniors that he had in fact lost because he threw up all night.  Oh, and he let me know this in front of our church congregation of about 2,000 people on “Senior night” where we do the service.  It was my father’s most embarrassing moment. 

6. My dad is the most quick witted man I know.  We usually will go back and forth insulting each other until one of us gets the last word.  It’s our strange way of saying “I Love You!”

7.  My husband is younger than me by a year.  I never notice it because he usually does the more grown up things.  Also our birthdays are two weeks apart so for 2 weeks we’re the same age! 

Ok, this list was just thrilling!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and maybe, just maybe I’ll try to find another one of those advent calendars and give it away.  How does THAT sound?!