…and to also see if he could change his name to Edward.  He said yes to the vampire thing but a definite no on the Edward thing.  He’s so good at compromise!  I fell into the trap of Twilight–I don’t know why I let myself do this.  I resisted Harry Potter but there was just something about a vampire love story that appealed to me so much.  I gave in when Aunt Lauren asked me to read it so I could go to the movie with her. And when Aunt Lauren asks you to do something–you do it.  That’s pretty much all I did this weekend.  I won’t give any spoilers away but I do highly recommend it.  Although it is really, REALLY weird how Bella turns into a goat at the end.

My father-in-law was here for part of the weekend.  He was here to relax which involved him redoing our siding, putting in a new shower head and he had already had the sheets washed and put back on his bed before he left on Saturday.   Doesn’t that sound relaxing? If any of you want to come to our house to “relax” we have a few other chores that need to be done.  We had a lot of fun and we were SO glad he came!  Like I’ve always said–my in-laws are the BEST!  

Friday night we went to POPS on Route 66.  It’s just a few minutes from our house and it’s fun!  You have over 500 pops to choose from.  (Just know that being from Oklahoma it’s really hard for me to type “pop” and not “coke.”)

There’s the giant pop bottle that greets you.  I’m not sure if it’s the largest in the nation–but it’s got to be close!

This picture I’m pretty sure should be getting me a call from POPS to see if they can use it.  I know, it’s beautiful.  (ha!) This is the gas station/restaurant/soda holder. 

The wall of pop…it’s usually sort of a fight in this area.  I’m usually tempted to elbow small children when they get in my way here.  I have no patience, that my friends, is why I have no children. 

So, let me run down how my “change of lifestyle” went this weekend…

Thursday-Papa Johns pizza

Friday-Chili’s for dinner (On the way there I claimed I was just getting chicken enchilada soup–yeah that didn’t happen)

Saturday-leftover pizza and Chinese–and I don’t even LIKE Chinese food!

Sunday-Taco Bell

Interspersed through the weekend was about 6 bottles of pop, half a BIG bag of M&M’s and Funyuns.  Needless to say I’m drinking SlimFast as I type this.

But do you know who didn’t judge me?  Yeah, you know…

Coming up tomorrow…my trip to the pumpkin patch.