I hate it when I’m at work and I actually have to do work. It’s such a drag…

And this post is so disjointed–much like I’m feeling today!

Does anyone else watch The Biggest Loser?  First of all–don’t get me started with the Blue team.  I love Bob but his team is annoying.  My main reason for bringing up Biggest Loser though is their horrible, awful product placement.  I don’t think it could possibly get more OBVIOUS.  It drives me crazy.  And the worst ones they do is for Extra.  Let me tell you when I’m starving for a snack the first thing I think of is GUM.  Give me a break…(give me a break.  Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! Yeah that’s what I really want when I’m hungry!  A Kit Kat bar!)

Good news-I found the advent calendar online! 

Target Advent Calendar!

I’m going to go with the Target gift card and whoever wants to use it to buy the advent calendar can buy it online!  I’ll do that contest next week so gear up! 

It’s really too bad I don’t get paid by all of these people that I’ve mentioned in the last few days.  You know I really LOVE Mercedes and Apple computers and Manolo Blahniks (did I even spell that right?! ha)

Does anyone else have trouble spelling simple names.  I can never remember how to spell Jonathan (is it an “a” or an “o”) or Jennifer (one or two “n’s” one or two “f’s”?).  Such a tough day I’m having…

Since you all missed them yesterday, without further ado, THE PUPS!

Contrast Spring Afternoons:

With Fall Mornings:

Is it just me or is Sadie laying on the attitude a little thick in this picture?