Last night I finally had time to catch up on some DVR action.  I’m trying to clear it out to gear up for the 7 hour Ghost Hunters Live Hunt!  I know–I’m totally awesome and my Halloween is going to be WAY more fun than yours.  I decided to watch the shows that I’m not allowed to watch when the hubby’s home.  He absolutely HATES medical shows and can’t watch anything pertaining to any type of medical abnormality or weird diagnosis.  He automatically assumes he has the disease and then he gets paranoid and annoying.  I guess some might call him a hypochondriac. 

I finally got to watch the documentary on The Tree Man.  I don’t know if you all have heard about him but it is a man who has warts that grow and grow and grow and they end up looking like tree roots.  Here’s a picture of him (if you’re easily squeamish turn away):

I feel so bad for him.  I was thinking last night as I watched this–I guess being ten pounds overweight isn’t so bad after all.  He seemed like a nice enough man.  The main reason he wanted these off of him wasn’t because of people staring and talking about him it was because he wanted to make money to support his family.  Well this of course prompted a conversation with the hubby when he came home:

Me: So, what if I was like the tree man and had warts like that?

BK:  What do you mean?

Me:  I mean would you divorce me or could you stay with me?

BK:  Ummm…hmmm…Ye–no, I think I’d have to divorce you.  I would have the hardest time not just ripping those warts off of you. 

So, Sadie woke me up this morning clawing at the bedroom door.  I let her out in the living room and just sat there and she panted and panted and panted right in my face.  I told her to buzz off and she did.  And then she peed–all over the spare bedroom floor.  And when I say all over I mean it was a puddle the size of the Atlantic Ocean.  Only it didn’t smell like ocean water–it smelled like cheerios…

Yeah, that’s what she gets for peeing on the floor–a picture with her eyes closed!  PAYBACK!

Can you tell I was holding her precious stick?

Lexi can do no wrong…she’s perfect…

except five minutes after this pic was taken she tried to kill a rottweiler outside the fence.