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This is going to be short and sweet–well not sweet but you know what I mean.

Had another heart-to-heart with my mom the other day about the Twilight books.

Mother (as she looks at book in hand):What are you reading?

Me:  It’s that Twilight series–I’m on the second book.

Mother:  You read?  A whole book? 

Me:  Uh-YEAH

Mother: In two days?

Me: Yeah mom, I’m actually not an idiot and do in fact know how to read.

Mother:  I know–but you NEVER read so this is shocking. And you really are kind of an idiot (ok, she didn’t really say the last part)

Me:  Well, thanks for the confidence boost mom…

Another nice, relaxing morning with the dogs…




They should really think about televising dog wrestling–NOT dog fighting–wrestling.  They can call the ring the “pound.” And then instead of Monday Night Raw (so sad that I know what it’s called) they can call it Monday night Paw. 

What’s a good wrestling name for my dogs?  Lexi the ______ and Sadie the _______