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I just have to say this–and this I swear will be the last thing I write about reading.  I promise!  Well, at least this week.  Do you ever read books and then you put them down for the night and you’re going about your routine.  And as you’re thinking you’re thinking in narrative form?  I did that last night!  And I don’t realize it til I think something along the lines of:

Then her husband walked into the room and pulled back the comforter.  “Let’s go to bed,” he said. 

Does that mean I’m totally insane?!  I have to shake my head and get back to reality!  My life is NOT a book! 

By the way–did you know there is a FIFTH Twilight book?  Written from Edward’s perspective?! Well, I guess it’s not technically a book but it’s a PDF file.  I’m sure you all are laughing like–uhh yeah we’ve known about that forever ding-dong. 

Can I tell you that there is nothing sadder to me than on a windy day looking up in the sky and seeing a bird trying to fly against the wind.  You just want to grab it and say, “Sorry buddy you might as well just take a seat until this passes…” 

By the way I loved your wrestling name ideas!  I’ll have to make the dogs t-shirts! 


sadie-the-seductressLook at those bedroom eyes…She’s such a seductress…