I have been sleeping SO awful this week.  I don’t know if it’s daylight savings or reading or because I’m eating something that makes me not sleep.  It’s awful!  It doesn’t help that I’m having really weird dreams…last night?  I dreamt that I was at the mall with some old friends that I haven’t hung out with in years and we’re browsing in a shoe store.  Then a man walks in with a knife to his throat threatening to kill himself and everyone else (ok, not sure how that actually would work out haha).  Well somehow we got the security guards attention and they surrounded the store and I somehow escaped.  Then as I was running I turned around and the security guards were actually the BAD GUYS and were shooting everyone!  Somehow I escaped and then I woke up…how am I supposed to sleep with that kind of vision?!!

I feel the judgment from you all–“she’s so weird” “what kind of drugs is she on?!” I know I’m weird but I PROMISE I haven’t touched a drug!  I wonder what my dream means.  It’s probably my subconcious telling me to stop reading those Twilight books and get a life! haha

What’s the weirdest dream YOU have had? 

Ok, off that weird note–obviously I’m not thinking clearly–I’m wondering if Sadie slipped me some of her seizure medication!  She’s so devious she probably did…

Speaking of Sadie:

I think these pictures tell a story–


What is going on over there?


What the heck are YOU looking at?


I couldn’t hate you more than I do right now…

And then THIS picture of her–good grief!


There’s so much wrong with her here it’s not even funny.  She’s such a mess.  I think she hates the hardwood floors–just a guess though.

And I’m not going to name names but someone–SOMEONE ate not 1, not 2, but THREE bowls of food last night! 


Ok, I’m off to read a TON of blogs!  It will probably take all weekend but I will visit all of you!