I get this:


And my husband gets this:


Although I think somehow I’m getting the short-end of the stick.  I mean he’s had it for a day and he’s working on hour 7 with this thing.

And yes I did take the pictures on the kitchen floor–I don’t have a great place to do photoshoots!  Judge all you want!  

Not a heck of a lot happened this weekend!  I thought I would have had a lot of material from hubby’s company party but not a lot happened. There was only ONE drunk couple dancing and that just lasted for A song.  Although I can’t even begin to describe how uncoordinated they were.  I wish I would have had a video camera. 

Oh I was on the verge of punching a lady in Wal-Mart on Saturday morning.  Has anyone ever been to WalMart withOUT leaving there wanting to hurt someone?!  I was merely trying to get A donut (ok, it was two but my husband thinks it’s just one) and this lady could not wait five seconds for me to get a donut!  She literally reached around me to grab a bag and then she proceeded to reach around me to grab donuts from around me.  I think she thought I was going to buy them all and not leave her any.  She almost lost an arm though…See compromise she gets donuts, loses an arm.

The dogs don’t even deserve to have their pictures posted because they’re little jerks but I’ll do it anyways…



On another note some sweet ladies have given me awards the last couple of weeks (and if I forget to mention you tell me and I will!):

Cheryl at Blueberry Buttons gave me TWO awards!  We’re fairly new blogging buddies but she is great and she has some really funny posts! And she’s very crafty too!




Veggie Mom over at Eat Your Veggies! has given me an award as well!  This is another fairly new blog for me but it’s home of Poprs (which I just won some and am SOOO excited to try!) and she writes some great posts! Plus she had a picture of goats on a roof–does it get better than that?!

Also AJ at A Little Bit Nutty gave me this award too!  She is a lovely lady who is a great blogging buddy!  I love going over to see what “nutty” thing she’s up to! I know I’m hilarious…and speaking of animals on roofs–her DOG was on her roof.  Go over and check that story out!

And finally, Angie over at The Arthur Clan gave me this award also!  She is great!  Her kids are so cute and pictures are breathtaking!  She has such a sweet spirit and I just love her blog all around. I don’t think any animals have been on roofs at her abode but I could be wrong! proximidade_award

Ok, I think that’s it!  Thanks everyone for the awards AND the kind words!  I appreciate it so much!