Last Friday when I was out trying to find something FABULOUS to wear to my husband’s work Christmas party (which I didn’t take any pictures–what kind of blogger am I?!) I was in a dressing room trying stuff on.  This mother and daughter were trying on clothes in the stalls next to me.  I normally wouldn’t have eavesdropped (ok, that’s a total lie I’m a master eavesdropper) but I couldn’t help but over hear what they were talking about.  Mainly because the daughter was SOOO LOUD.  Let me preface the following conversation saying that the daughter was probably in her late teens and I never did get a look at the mom.

Daughter: OH MY GOSH MOM what IS that?

Mom:  What?

Daughter:  That–sticking out your side…

Mom: What?!

Daughter: OH MY GOSH–is that your RIBS?  Ewww MOM EAT SOMETHING!

Mom: I am eating I think my metabolism is just really high right now

Daughter: Shut up mom–EAT SOMETHING for crying out loud

I think it’s a sad state of affairs when the DAUGHTER has to tell a MOTHER that she’s too skinny!  The city I live in though all the women are like Stepford wives so I’m sure she’s just trying to keep up with her friends. Although I am going to now make it my goal in life that IF I have a daughter I at some point want her to tell me I’m too skinny.  Then I’ll die a happy lady…

Now two ladies who don’t worry about their figures (Although one probably SHOULD):


Sadie sort of looks dead in that picture–she’s NOT I assure you.  She was just sprawled on the couch.