There isn’t much happening in life right now so I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane for a few minutes.  Let’s go back a few years to when I was in college.  I was walking over to my then boyfriend’s (now husband) apartment.  On my way over I noticed a trap sitting in between the apartment buildings.  Inside that trap was a poor, sad DYING squirrel.  Now these traps were meant for skunks that would stink up the campus.  No way were they intended for poor, innocent squirrels.  Well, me being the animal activist I am ran over to BK’s apartment saying that we “HAD to rescue this squirrel” that “it needed us.”  I can’t remember exactly how we got the squirrel out of the trap but we did. 


(Ok, that’s supposed to be a squirrel in the trap)

We lay him (I use the term him generically we didn’t really see evidence that it was in fact a male squirrel) outside of BK’s apartment and proceeded for probably a good two hours trying to revive this squirrel.  I made BK go get one of his long athletic socks to warm up the squirrel, we had a little bowl of water that we would try to drip in his mouth, and we would randomly poke at him to see if he would move.  Nothing.  He was still breathing but there was no movement.  People would walk by and stare at us like we were lunatics (which thinking back it was a bit nutty-PUN) but we kept on trying. 

Finally, it happened.

His last breath.

I was devastated.  I ran inside his apartment and back to his bed–which at our college was in fact a big no-no.  But I cried and cried like I had lost a family pet or something. 

The next day when I went back over there the squirrel was gone.  I thought maybe a miracle had happened.

Nope.  Turns out he just threw it behind some building. The jerk.

We were talking about this day not too long ago and he said, “You know I had to really love you on that day because I was SO embarrassed that someone was going to see me trying to revive a SQUIRREL.”  I think deep down it wasn’t his love for me, it was his love for the squirrel that prompted him to do that. 

Speaking of dead squirrels–who wants to see a couple of squirrel killers?



Those little sweeties have brought me no less than three squirrels as presents.  And I guess the bird was just too good because that didn’t make it to the house if ya’ know what I mean. THEY ATE IT–that’s what I mean.  yuck…

On that extremely appetizing note–HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!